Manaz Ganji is telling a story, the story of her world travels and of the people and cultures she has encountered. Born in Tabriz, Iran, in 1968, her identity as a photographer began on a trip to the ruins at Persepolis, which she photographed over five days, feeling that she could better capture the spirit of the place she describes as “huge, mysterious, and full of history” with each day. It was also the place where she first experienced a demand for her artistry. Manaz was using the same shop in Shiraz to develop the rolls of film from Persepolis and she was seeing improvements day by day. The shop owner marveled at her commitment to coaxing the images to their fullest realization and began selling her photos out of his shop!

After 15 years of travels, she had the good fortune to work with Ms. Fatima Guemiah (to whom this website is dedicated) in Paris, and her talents in and dedication to the craft of photography burgeoned. Her work has also been shaped by the vision of Ramses Marzouk, the renowned Egyptian cinematographer, and by instruction at the International Center for Photography in New York. She frames urban landscapes to evoke “the emotions that pass through our cities,” and to bear witness to the magnitude of metropolitan cities as they “isolate their people.” Manaz is thriving on the journey she began all those years ago and via this website she invites you to join her and to share her story and to tell her one of your own.